best pocket knife Drop Point: To my mind, the most versatile option available. The upswept edge makes slicing easy and the point is strong for piercing. Unlike clip points, these blade usually have flat or high grinds, which are better for cutting performance. “Knife has arrived. Just wanted to thank […]

विद्या दान (Vidya Daan) i.e. knowledge sharing is a major part of Daan, a tenet of all Dharmic Religions. Hindu Scriptures present two kinds of knowledge, Paroksh Gyan and Prataksh Gyan. Paroksh Gyan (also spelled Paroksha-Jnana) is secondhand knowledge: knowledge obtained from books, hearsay, etc. Prataksh Gyan (also spelled Prataksha-Jnana) […]

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I’ve yet to encounter a single business owner who’s reached some grand, stable plateau beyond failure, disappointment and doubt. We all experience it. Instead of discouragement, focus on becoming more resilient, on learning how to handle stress productively. 5. Watch your finances. When you are planning your startup budget, make […]

information late 14c., “act of informing,” from O.Fr. informacion, from L. informationem (nom. informatio) “outline, concept, idea,” noun of action from informare (see inform). Meaning “knowledge communicated” is from c.1450. Short form info is attested from 1906. Infomercial (with commercial) and infotainment (with entertainment) are from 1983. Before infomercial was […]


One-to-One Training Tailored specifically around your individual fitness, one-to-one personal training ensures you get the most out of every workout. Our expert personal trainers can offer support, advice and motivation to keep you on the right track. Cardio Training Whether you want increased energy or reduced stress, cardio training (otherwise […]

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As learning becomes more digital, universities are adopting new technologies to reach a wider audience of learners. Our  Team carefully design each online course, so that you can study with them no matter where you are. They are top universities and specialist organisations, including: . Read more Our Team We […]