Ki Systems,Inc  founder in the year of 1985 by a Mr Imbarrato and is their 30 year in business. The product they had were seminars “winning at work”  the purpose of these were to empower  people so they have the desire and want to pass through the problems they face and do well in life


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A very common challenge many people need help with is how to use a  Computer to complete their objectives so the group made training courses to help people solve this issue and also provide them with consultation service as well.

The business have worked with both small to medium-sized businesses which has lead to a more direct relationship with our customers to provide customized computer-oriented business solutions to fix  business needs or wants such as great designed quoting system for getting faster and more effective  sales  going through the business we work with


  • 432 Knollwood Dr, Newbury Park, CA , USA, Newbury Park, CA, 91320, United states of America

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