Excellent. I still believe users shouldn’t piss search engines by using black hat link building strategies. I am a blogger, and I have full faith in White Hat Link building tactics. By the way, you have written a wonderful piece. Keep up the good work. Reply

Google is now doubling down on mobile, giving notice that “after January 10, 2017, pages where content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results may not rank as highly.” In other words, the Google index is going mobile first and if you don’t have a mobile-friendly page, then you will likely take a hit in the SERPs. That’s especially true for websites using intrusive interstitial ads. If you aren’t certain as to whether your website meets the criteria for being mobile friendly, log in to your Search Console account and view the Mobile Usability Report. Google will report mobile issues there, so you can take the appropriate action.

However, keywords do still have their place for use with site content, including blogs, images and video and PPC/Adwords. These days, it’s better practice to use similar words throughout a piece of writing as well as the main keyword. Key phrases are also good practice and should be used. It’s also important that these are used in Titles and sub-headers as well as throughout the text.

Course: Diploma in Digital Marketing What is White Hat SEO White Hat SEO Join Over 1,000,890 Successful Graduates *18,884 Reviews Share    Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is one of the best internet methodologies to enhance a website’s ranking in search results as compared to the competitors. In the digital marketing environment, the standards are quite dynamic and are always integrated with innovation. Marketers develop their own approach for satisfactory results in achieving their objectives, especially in SEO.Advertisers make use of numerous techniques for effective SEO results and some of them are targeted at developing a database of loyal audience which is a bright part of ethical SEO. White hat SEO is the implementation of strategies, and optimization techniques and tactics that completely follow search engine ethics, but focus on human audience as opposed to search engine movements.Optimization of website which is focused at drawing the attention of search engine’s crawlers is taken through a scripted process of well-defined SEO techniques. As compared to such techniques which just target the search engine’s behaviour, White hat SEO is rigorously focused at the engagement of human audience and hence is also termed as ethical SEO. Focusing on human audience does not deviate the objectives of SEO and White Hat SEO also focuses on the improvement of search performance which ultimately leads to credibility and enhancement of ranking in search results. White Hat SEO TechniquesBeing a successful part of the internet is the final destination of any business online. In this dynamic and brave world where marketers experiment every bit of creativity in the digital marketing landscape, White Hat SEO is the best possible way to lead the competition of search result rankings leaving behind a mark of integrity and authority by abiding by the terms and conditions defined by search engines.Even if the name White Hat SEO sounds too ethical, it still is about skills which enfold White Hat SEO tactics. These tactics are about fewer technical dexterity and are more into creative skills and organic techniques. This methodology demands qualitative approach to framing a site which helps ensure enhanced performance in terms of search. For White Hat SEO, the most important factors of a website that are taken into consideration are optimization of written content, meta details, images and videos, site framework, and overall performance of website. Some of the best practices and White Hat SEO techniques are as follows.Offering Quality Content“Content is King”. For every instance, content is the only fragment which serves both the objectives of targeting search engines and online audience as well. But as this is about White Hat SEO, content to be used in websites is just targeted at the engagement of audience.So the focus is on delivering quality content which relates to curation of original and unique content which is useful to the audience and relevant to the industry. The content should qualify norms like perfect grammar and spelling without any errors and the written content should be simple and understandable which is the most important factor that supports White Hat SEO. Images and videos being a part of content, need to be tagged appropriately with titles, descriptions and credits given to owner of image or video, if any. There are situations where it turns necessary to inherit content from others and in those cases, it is necessary that citation should be added that point to the source of content and it supports the White Hat SEO norms.Usage of Keyword-Rich Meta DetailsKeywords still are a part of the White Hat SEO techniques, and it is obvious to be a portion. It is to be remembered that keywords are not just meant for attracting crawlers of search engines as they serve the audience to understand the theme behind the whole website. While using keywords, in meta tags and descriptions, the process of using relevant and meaningful keywords should be followed.Usage of synonyms and industry based pertinent keywords is also an advantage for White Hat SEO. But the only thing to be avoided in the usage of keywords is stuffing which against the ethics of White Hat SEO.Flawless Website Architecture and FrameworkAs White Hat SEO techniques are focused at the engagement of the online audience, it is very important to make use of White Hat SEO tactics that help develop a flawless website framework. An errorless website refers to easy navigation between all the webpages, and that the website is proficient enough to perform well across platforms like browsers in desktops, mobiles and tablets.Serving the audience is an important aspect of White Hat SEO and hence the website should inspire the visitors to stay in the website for a while and enjoy the information and fresh ideas provided by the website. Related Courses Digital Marketing Popular Courses Nutrition Photography Financial Trading Web Development Web Design




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