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Home Gym EquipmentWith big brands like Everlast, Dynamix, and Body Sculpture, our excellent cardio home gym range has all the right equipment to enhance your home exercise regime. We’ve got top of the line treadmills to help you train for that marathon, cross trainers that offer fast results with low impact workouts, and fantastic exercise bikes so you can spin while watching your favourite TV shows. You’ll also find rowing machines for the ultimate full body workout, and state of the art vibration plates to help you get the most out of your circuit training. Who needs a gym membership?

All JTX Fitness equipment come with a comprehensive home service warranty. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your machine, we will arrange for a specialist engineer to visit your home to fix it, FREE of charge.

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These fantastic new facilities will help our members reach their health and fitness goals this summer. The new equipment also has many new features which you can take full advantage of. Including the ability to connect to a smart device and record your work out, share your activities and compete with friends, receive support from instructors and playback previous workouts that you completed away from the gym.

We have a wide choice, over 200 types of high quality gym equipment available from home to commercial use, including over 100 colour variations for professional and commercial use and most of it we can customise. We can also make an outdoor training or bespoke fitness equipment for gyms that need unique and specially designed gym equipment, not to compete but to stand out. We also have a wide variety of fitness equipment for home gyms. Get in touch with our professional and friendly customer support team or book an appointment now for advice, information and get the right set up for you.

Building a Home GymIf you’re building a home gym you’ll need a few essential items, including one or two large pieces of home gym equipment. Choose machines that will work different muscle groups, for example a cross trainer and a rowing machine, or a treadmill and an exercise bike. Add some weight training items to make sure your session is well-rounded – kettlebells, wrist weights, and weight benches are all good options. Don’t forget to add exercise mats for circuit training, and always warm up before you work out.
Get your daily exercise in without ever leaving the house with our wide selection of cardio fitness machines at Tesco direct. We have all the essentials you need to get your heart rate up – find compact treadmills, versatile cross trainers, rowing machines, exercise bikes and more.




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